ROCOR, OCA, and Schism from a True Church

This just shows how messy ecclesiology is.  I look with suspicion on any claim that “we have always continued unchanged.”  Some considerations on Ecumenism and Truth.

Setting the stage:

Since the Bolshevik coup and civil war among Russians after World War I, the Russian Orthodox Church has been split into several groups. The two primary ones were the Russian Orthodox Patriarchate, subsumed under the Marxist regime, and the free part of the church, the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia (ROCOR), founded first in northern Serbia under the guidance of Metropolitan +ANTONY, later moving to its present headquarters on the east side of Manhattan. Unfortunately, the relations with the later Orthodox Church in America (founded and financed by the YMCA and the World Council of Churches) have been hostile, with most hostility coming from the OCA’s side…

What is the relation between this movement, on the one hand, and the other branch of the “Russian Orthodox Church,” the OCA, on the other? It has been well known for some time that the OCA has been continually lying about their membership; that they have been threatened by Moscow to have their already tainted �autocephalicity� revoked; it is alleged that their former (but still living) Metropolitan THEODOSIUS is a homosexual and was paying hush-money concerning this (Archbishop +JOHN of the Milan Synod states this is a “well-known fact”); that the OCA is, in many respects, the religious arm of the Archer Daniels Midland Corporation; and that grant money coming into the OCA was being diverted for purposes that are less than honorable. For many, these unfortunate facts are well known. In no manner, however, do these immoral irregularities affect many of her faithful, who maintain at least the aspects of the tradition they are able without proper leadership…

One question that no one has asked is why was the OCA being funded by the arch-leftist; globalist and anti-Christian Archer-Daniel-Midland corporation? What is the connection, and what is ADM’s interest here? ADM is long been involved in ecumenical activities in their drive for global agro-financial domination, and the OCA, in short, was very useful in this regard. Ecumenism, that is, theological liberalism and dogmatic indifferentism, can be understood best when one follows the money–as the old saying goes–and this situation is no different.

The ADM money was going into a discretionary account, one secretly controlled by Theodosius and was used, as some say, to pay off people who could squawk too loudly about Theodosius� irregularities. Once it became clear that this account was going to be audited (as there are many good people in the OCA), Theodosius loudly claimed he has some heretofore unknown abstract “right” to have such an account, and resisted all attempts to look into what this money was actually for (cf. for some more details).

Not only this, but that the OCA was in fact an in-house organ of the ADM corporation, as this horrific pimp of the New World Order was providing their pet church with nearly $1 million over the last few years; the OCA was hiding this by listing themselves under their old name of the “Russian Orthodox Greek-Catholic Church” in the public lists of ADM’s grantees. All ADM money was being deposited in a secret account. Of course, whether or not this all was a very well thought out attempt to break into the Russian agricultural market is a matter of speculation, but a financial interest is clearly obvious…

Archer Daniels Midland is one of the most corrupt companies in the world. They actively promote abortion and the elimination of nearly 90% of the world�s population as a means to “conserve the environment.” This initiative to eliminate most of humanity was announced by the elite-backed conference entitled “Toward a New Civilization: Launching a Global Initiative,” financed partially by ADM. The elimination of 90% of humanity though forced abortions and mandatory sterilization is an important plank in many radical environmentalists�s programs, and most recently advocated by the semi-psychotic TV star Jacques Cousteau. They have also financed “One World” type conferences the world over through numerous front groups…

There is an immediate connection between the rapprochement, of the ROCOR and the Patriarchate, and the recent exposure of the OCA�s irregularities. The OCA, even without the recent scandals which threaten to dissolve her, is an anomaly–a theological eccentricity. She is now isolated, with her former patron in Moscow largely turning their backs on their naughty step-child in America. Had the fallen metropolitan of the OCA merely come clean, confessed his sins and promised to amend his life, he would have been forgiven, as all of us are sinners and victims of modernity and its false promises. Had he retired to a monastery to struggle against his desires, he would have become an example for many of us to follow, rather than an embarrassment.



One thought on “ROCOR, OCA, and Schism from a True Church

  1. Daniel

    Yes, ecclesiology is messy–you’ve sure got that right. We Orthodox have our problems, always have. You can bet your bottom dollar on that. I could add some to your list if you would like….However, our problems are not the same as Protestant problems–both quantitatively and qualitatively.


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