Did 2 of my PB comments get deleted?

I started a thread on Jack Chick at Puritanboard. Yes, I know he is off-base and I don’t take him seriously.  I intended several things to happen from that thread, one of which was to highlight Jesuitism and Conspiracy Theories.   When I got back from church, the thread was closed.   Not only were some of my comments missing, but those referencing Alvierdo were also missing.

As I tried to make clear–but that comment is now missing–I don’t really care whether Alvierdo was a CIA spy or not.   The other information about the Jesuits–claims that Turretin and Hodge were not afraid to advance–is public knowledge.  I did some research on Alvierdo and noted that two of his biggest detractors were Rome (no surprise) and Christianity Today (probably no surprise).

12 thoughts on “Did 2 of my PB comments get deleted?

  1. Terry

    I was following that thread and didn’t see the posts you mention. I have more to say about the situation but would rather say it privately.


      1. I don’t follow the PB, but would have liked to read your posts. I’m looking forward to the book review; I have a good friend who is into Jesuitism and Conspiracy Theories.


  2. I used to be hardcore Conspiracy Theorist. I’ve backed off a bit. I know some guys who would see Jews behind every bush; others would see Nazis. Some would even see both! I have some basic theses on conspiracies:

    1) Psalm 2 says they exist.
    2) I think Jesuits are behind a lot of them.
    3) Reliable information is almost impossible to obtain.
    4) Yet, the mainstream media is lying to us.


    1. Terry

      Can you mention one conspiracy theory that you think has the best evidence behind it? Sort of a C.T. 101 ? I grew up in northern Idaho so I have heard a few of them.


  3. Terry

    That is very interesting. I had not heard about that. The Captain was a Jesuit. Did the Jesuits have anything to do with the Kennedy brothers?


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