He’s not even trying anymore

It’s like I don’t even have to try.

He writes,

If the culprit is known by us to be guilty,

Except, the two culprits were convicted in a civil trial and imprisoned, so it really isn’t a matter of my not wanting to hear the other side.

Why bother with hearing from both sides?

Alright then.  Talk.  Did your boy Sitler fail a lie-detector test?  What’s the other side of the story for that?  But you probably mean the Jamin Wight case. You’ve repeatedly said “I am protecting the mother so I am not giving the information,” which sounds eerily familiar to a Mafia threat.  But how can we hear the “other side” if you refuse to engage Natalie Rose (beyond slut-shaming a rape victim)?

The next part of the blog post is Wilson’s standard m.o.: long discourse on “principles” and a diversion on how bad abortion is.  

And then the post ends.


One thought on “He’s not even trying anymore

  1. Certain peoples once believed that theology was queen of the sciences (rightly). Now, some people believe ‘theology’ is the only science. I read Doug Wilson’s post and its from this high horse that, as the ‘pastor’, he is able to weigh in one the debate with some sort of level headed, reasonable approach. The whole mood of the thing is off-kilter. What does Doug Wilson (and his co-author) know about justice to write a ‘primer’?

    This sets the stage for any interaction with the sex abuse/insanity scandals floating around his name. He already knows the answers. He is Thomas More without his humility, the Thomas More who allowed himself to be beheaded by a selfish, maniacal, (dare I say) satanic king.

    Satan isn’t the prosecutor or the defendant. He is the voice prattling in Wilson’s ear to maintain his high-handed defense of his naiveity, arrogance, and foolishness. When will Wilson recognize he’s just plainly out of his league? Is Jesus Christ served by people who think they have every answer? Does not God give ‘gentiles’ wisdom to shame the prideful?


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