Does Wilson understand civil law?

He writes in response to Rod Dreher,

At issue was whether he was going to be charged as pedophile, and placed in the same category as one who was molesting little children. But we believed his crime was not in the same category as Steven Sitler’s crimes at all. Steven’s behavior was with young children and was simply predatory. Jamin’s crime was that of engaging in sexual behavior with an underage girl.

I guess he doesn’t want Wight’s behavior in the same category as Sitler’s.  My first question is, “Why not?”  It’s not like you are going to defend Wight–are you?  Trick question: What’s worse–a grown man sexually abusing a two year old or a grown man forcing a barely teenage girl on her knees in the bathroom?  Simply raising the question shows the problem.  Yet Wilson is trying to point out gradations of difference for some odd reason.

Wilson’s next paragraph has been fully refuted,

The reason we did not want it treated as pedophilia is that her parents had bizarrely brought Jamin into the house as a boarder so that he could conduct a secret courtship with Natalie. So Jamin was in a romantic relationship with a young girl, her parents knew of the relationship and encouraged it, her parents permitted a certain measure of physical affection to exist between them (e.g. hand-holding), Natalie was a beautiful and striking young woman, and at the time was about eight inches taller than Jamin was. Her parents believed that she was mature enough to be in that relationship, and the standards they set for the relationship would have been reasonable if she had in fact been of age and if the two had not been living under the same roof.

Here is where these CREC guys really don’t understand the law.  It doesn’t matter (for the sake of argument) if she were throwing her naked, writhing body at Wight’s feat.  She is underage and legally cannot make those decisions.  And yet you still attack and slut-shame the victim?

This statement is simply bizarre:

Nevertheless Jamin was brought into the house in order to make Natalie the object of his romantic intentions, and to do so more conveniently, out of the eyes of community accountability.

No, he was brought into their house as a student in your illegal boarding school program.  And the rest of your assertions are simply false.



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