A Reidian Internalist?

Thomas Reid is seen as the predecessor to Alvin Plantinga.  The latter holds to a “warrant” view of epistemology:  I don’t have to justify endless justifications for foundational beliefs.  Plantinga draws heavily from Reid.

Yet here is a thought:  can one hold to an internalist epistemology (knowledge = justified, true belief) and incorporate many of Reid’s insights?  I think one certain can on issues like anthropology and the will.


3 thoughts on “A Reidian Internalist?

  1. Reid had an embryonic concept of warrant. Plantinga draws heavily upon him. Yet Reid is more known for the second part of Plantinga’s work: proper function.

    Reid seems like a proto-Plantingian, and he probably is, but he is also a foundationalist, albeit a weak one.


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