A slight break: Pavel

One of Pavel’s better books. He does a better job in this book of explaining his “high tension” philosophy. It is certainly better than his longer (and over-priced) *Beyond Bodybuilding.* I generally agree with his outlook. This book does suffer from some self-limitations, though. Most people, while they say they might not want to bulk up, do in fact want to look good and not look flabby. Pavel’s reassurances that “you won’t bulk up,” while technically true, tend to convey the impression that you want gain any size at all, which is simply not true. Your body will grow proportionately and you will look good, albeit not like a Roid Monkey.


A lot of women say, “I don’t want to get huge.” Well, you won’t. It’s actually very hard. It requires a consistent over-intake of calories while doing lots of sets at 6-8 reps, training larger muscle groups over a long period of time (translation: lift heavily and often and eat like a hippo every chance). Most people can’t do that, if only for money reasons.

Following Pavel’s outlook, I’ve cut down on injuries, gotten A LOT stronger but only gained 9 pounds in a year (if I could afford heavier kettlebells, the gains would be even bigger; I can easily do lots of cycles with a 45lb bell. I simply can’t afford to buy heavier at the moment).

I like the book. It is worth reading and it is better than a lot of his material (and it’s funny. I chuckle every time he pokes fun of modern American pop MTV culture: heroin-emaciated beauty models and Ken and Barbie weights)


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