Organic Communities

I have several goals in this post:

  1. Rebut extreme racism
  2. Rebut multiculturalism
  3. Show that the promoters of (2) secretly believe in (1).
  4. Point towards how all races and communities can flourish

What does the word racism mean?  Who invented it?  Are you scared when a Marxist calls you a racist?

Don’t lie.

I also want to mention the quasi-irrational fear that some “Trad Ox” have at being labeled “phyletist” or “racist.” Guys, you will not win an argument against Cultural Marxists. Own up to the term.

Let’s begin with a discussion of race, per Starbucks and Drug Lord Eric Holder. Multiculturalists will say “There is no such thing as race.”  If that’s true, then how can we have a discussion on race?  It’s like discussing unicorns.  Interesting, no doubt, but utterly pointless.

However, I don’t think race is a good lowest common denominator for how a community should be organized.  I was thinking last night, “I have far more in common with a middle class or rural black man than I do with a LGBTYQ university professor in New England.  Whom would I rather have as a neighbor?”   It’s kind of a self-explanatory question.  

Therefore, I reject the idea of one-race-only communities.   I reject it because it fails on the above two counts.

Multiculturalism is trickier.  Just what does one mean by the word?  It’s bandied about but rarely defined.  And some well-meaning Christians, armed with facile interpretations of Galatians 3:28, support multiculturalism.  Again what does it mean?

Df. (1) = different ethnic groups can live in the same geographic locale

Is that all that multiculturalism means?  If so, then the militantly nationalist Byzantine Empire is multicultural.   Before we begin, let’s look at a statement from St Augustine’s City of God Bk. 19.24.

[We] say that a people is an assemblage of rational beings bound together by a common agreement as to the objects of their love, then, in order to discover the character of any people, we have only to observe what they love.

Can different groups within one society hold to Augustine’s principle?  I think so, though it becomes harder and without some form of transcendental “grounding” it is borderline impossible.

For example, the Jihadi “migrant” wants to practice female circumcision.  I want to kill anyone who does that.  We have two different “loves.” Therefore, we cannot be a society.

Note, however, the above paragraph has nothing to do with “race.”  

So, we’ve concluded that modern uses of “multiculturalism” have little to do with df.(1).  We need to search for other definitions.

Df.(1*) = different ethnic groups must live in the same geographic locale.

I think this is close to the correct definition.  It explains the suicidal policies in Europe.  Fortunately, it’s easy to refute.  Whenever someone says this, just ask “Why?”  And keep asking that question.  Apart from some transcendental norm–which the modern world rejects–it’s difficult to answer.  You’ll probably get some answer like “Because it’s the current year. LOL.”

Point (3) is fun.  Trick question:  what’s the difference in the KKK’s neighborhood and that of a white liberal?  Tough, isn’t it? You are correct.  There is no difference.  They both live in all-white neighborhoods.  

Some in the black community have suggested that what black youth need are black male role models and mentors and teachers.  Specifically, they don’t need the liberal white savior (LWS).  So where does the idea of LWS arise?  Probably from liberal white politicians.  Proponents of (2) are actually endorsing (1).  By endorsing the LWS myth, proponents of (2) are saying that black males can’t do the job.  Liberal whites hold to a particularly nasty form of racism and one which I condemn in the strongest terms.

Of course, the elites who endorse multiculturalism have no intention of moving to inner-city Detroit.

How can different races live in harmony with each other?  This is where localism is just common sense.  The question we should actually be asking is this, “How can we best promote the flourishing of each neighborhood?”

Of course, no neighborhood is going to analyze its values in the abstract.  In fact, it probably won’t think of that at all.  Neighborhoods, while acknowledging that people plan to move into a neighboorhood, often just “happen.”  And they seem to “happen” along organic patterns.


2 thoughts on “Organic Communities

    1. Probably slip of the tongue. But we can certainly identify extreme forms of racism. General William T Sherman was a violent racist. Flannery O’Connor, by contrast, was very gentle.


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