Analysis of Trump, the early weeks

So what do I think on Trump?  Relative to the domestic front, outstanding.  But the problem is the foreign front. Granted, he is infinitely better than a McCain or Obama or Hillary, but I am not actually pleased.

If Trump is “America First,” as am I, then we should avoid suicidal entanglements in the ME and East Asia.  This is what a Bush or Hillary would do.  It doesn’t seem like Trump.

Which raises another question: what if Trump really isn’t that powerful?  Simply electing a new president doesn’t negate the Deep State. Of course, over time one can weaken the Deep State and I think Trump will try to do something like that.

That would explain the Soros-like actions in the Middle East and Asia and the refusal to lift sanctions on Russia.


Author: Ephraim's Arrow

Interests include patristics, the role of the soul in the human person, analytic theology, charismatic gifts

1 thought on “Analysis of Trump, the early weeks”

  1. It seems to me that he is in a quasi-war with elements of the Establishment. Or Trump is a puppet who is getting pulled by establishment and anti(alternative)-establishment strings. But the latter seems unlikely, his persona seems more calculated and grotesque to merely to be a mask for a marionette, which was more akin to the friendly, cool, and relatable Bush or Obama.


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