Upcoming post on the Federal Vision

Yeah, that’s a dangerous title.  The short of it will be this:  Doug Wilson’s distancing himself (de jure if not de facto) from the Federal Vision is actually good for FV.  It will allow some to do theology and try to work out hard knots without having some chucklehead throwing time bombs into the arena.

My own theology is something akin to a postmillennial Schilderite.

2 thoughts on “Upcoming post on the Federal Vision

  1. I never heard of Schilder until you put some of his works. Can you explain how Schilder is offering an alternative to Kuyper’s Neo-Calvinism? And in what way? Or was that an overstatement by the translator/editor?


    1. DA Carson asked the question, “Would Kuyper have said ‘every square inch’ if he were on the killing fields of Cambodia?”

      There are two strands within Kuyper: common grace and antithesis. Schilder rejected “cultural common grace.” He believed in redeeming culture for Jesus, but he wasn’t as rosy about it as Kuyper. Schilder did theology both in a Nazi prison and on the run from Nazis. He pressed the antithesis more than Kuyper. This is an outstanding article on the subject.


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