Sort of being nice to Covenanters

I’ve picked on Covenanters a lot in the past.  They deserved it. Probably still do.  Some of them (whom I know personally) have a tendency to hyper-legalism (emphasis on hyper).  The rest are LARPing.

With that said, the history of Covenanting is one of sheer heroism.  And the earlier Covenanters (but definitely NOT the post-1688 generations) produced top-rate theological scholarship. And theological piety.

I appreciate the emphasis on Psalmody.  I am not an exclusive psalmist.  I think much of it is question-begging and these discussions usually end up with name-calling.  Notwithstanding, I appreciate the emphasis on psalms.  We should all be singing more psalms.

And while scholasticism as huge problems, it was a necessary and legitimate intellectual response to the currents of the time.  It allowed theologians to address some problems with remarkable intellectual sophistication.


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