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Intro to Wheel of Time

Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series is probably my favorite fantasy series.  Since some of my friends on facebook are asking me for the audio, I am doing this post as kind of a gateway to his thought. While in … Continue reading

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Notes on Schilder’s Christ and Culture

by Klaas Schilder, 1890-1952. Translation of Christus en Cultuur ISBN 0-88756-008-3 The numbers represent the sections in the book. (2) The Christian must engage culture because we are prophet, priest, king. It is our task. (3a) Part of our difficulty … Continue reading

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Alexander Pope: Selected Poetry

Pope ranks third behind Shakespeare and the King James Version of the Bible when it comes to familiar lines in our language.  This addition of Pope, while not having all of his poems (it lacks the Essay on Man), does … Continue reading

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ePistemologian’s Progress

Courtesy to Bunyan, This list was taken from Craig and Moreland (2003): 627-639.  It’s a specialized list of technical works in philosophy and theology.  The theology section was kind of soft, so I didn’t spend too much time transmitting those … Continue reading

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Harassing the Hobgoblins: Intro to Analytic Theology

I am not an expert in analytic theology, and I have been critical of analytic philosophy in the past.  Nonetheless, it can be useful in clarifying concepts.  One problem is that people jump into the deeper waters, reading countless computer … Continue reading

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Table Contents for Dugin’s Heidegger

I received Martin Heidegger: The Philosophy of Another Beginning by Alexandr Dugin in the mail.  One of the reasons I put off buying for so long is I had no clue what was in it.  I could not find anywhere on … Continue reading

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Atheism for Lent

Merold Westphal suggests that the three great “masters of suspicion,” Nietzsche, Marx, and Freud, are actually theologians of original sin, if seen correctly.  I share the same conclusion. I’m not as thrilled about “contemplative meditation” as this site is, … Continue reading

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