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Safe Sects: Healing

North on Charismatics, Calvinism, and Healing.  Summarizes my own journey.  Let’s put aside all of the “in your face” stuff like prophecy and tongues. I understand the case against continuationism. I really do. (I admit. I don’t understand any case … Continue reading

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So that was fun

A friend of mine shared my previous blog post on several facebook groups.  Most thought it was entertaining, but it did irritate several groups of people–the very groups in that blog post. A few of my old seminary friends saw … Continue reading

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FV, Shepherd, and where the bodies are buried

I’ve put off doing an autobiographical post on my relationship to the Federal Vision for quite a while.  Maybe for several reasons.  Too much blood still on the floor. RTS never distinguished between those who were mentally Baptists (e.g., RTS) … Continue reading

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A premillennialism, if you want it.

I flirted with amillennialism last year, but the covenant theology brand rested on a number of architectural assumptions.  Assumptions which might not be quite as strong as I thought.

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ePistemologian’s Progress

Courtesy to Bunyan, This list was taken from Craig and Moreland (2003): 627-639.  It’s a specialized list of technical works in philosophy and theology.  The theology section was kind of soft, so I didn’t spend too much time transmitting those … Continue reading

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Embracing analytic theology

I’ve found much to commend the analytic theological tradition.  It isn’t quite as arcane as analytic philosophy.  It doesn’t rely on computer symbols nearly as much.  I don’t think this negates the important stuff Heidegger had to say, but for … Continue reading

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I didn’t do the 10k kettlebell swings

I had known of T-Nation’s 10k kettlebell swings challenge for a few years now.  I decided to give it a try.  In short, you do 500 swings a day for 20 workouts over a one month period. I’m using a … Continue reading

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