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Dooyeweerd on Aristotle

This is from the first 28 pages of New Critique of Theoretical Thought vol 3. I never finished the book because he spent the latter part of it talking about the law-structures of different plants.  I couldn’t see how this was meaningful. … Continue reading

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The Categorical Distinction (Archetype/Ectype) in Lutheran Theology

Originally posted on YINKAHDINAY:
I have written on the categorical distinction before.  Here I introduced Schilder’s thoughts on it.  Here you can find what S. G. De Graaf and F. M. Ten Hoor wrote on this subject. The Lutheran theologian…

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In Memoriam: Klaas Schilder († 23 March 1952)

Originally posted on Cosmic Eye:
Today is the sixtieth anniversary of the death of Professor Dr. Klaas Schilder (19 December 1890 – 23 March 1952). During his life, he was a biblical, Reformed, Calvinist pastor, theologian, and churchman.  As a…

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Ammo for the Psalm Chanters

Lutheran Liturgical Brotherhood.  Start downloading now. Admittedly, it’s not a pure chanting in Hebrew, but it is a more or less English equivalent that isn’t altered by metric psalmody.  Don’t get me wrong.  Metric psalmody is superior to 99% of … Continue reading

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An Army of Psalm Chanters

Taken from an old post on Jim Jordan, with some new material. But let us consider what a Christian view of the Church would be. It would be a place of transformation, not merely of information. Marshaling the people into … Continue reading

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DKG: Opening Questions 1a

This is taken from Doctrine of the Knowledge of God. It’s a prolegomena to apologetics. There are many possible ways to refer to the world by means of language. Languages differ from one another not only by using different words to … Continue reading

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Frame Paper, Part 1

This is a paper, or rather part of an exercise, we had to do in seminary.  It was 12 years ago.  The italicized is the issue under discussion 1. Implication is something that pervades our experience. Men are rational creatures … Continue reading

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