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False Assumptions in Cessationism, part 1

I haven’t done a real blog post in a while, mainly book reviews.  And this post is from a book, but to include it in a formal review will make it unwieldy.  Note, in saying these are false assumptions in … Continue reading

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Can cessationist pray Eph. 1:17?

Paul writes, “That God would give you a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him.” What does “revelation” mean?  The bible lists several types: Natural revelation (creation, logic, science, etc). Special revelation (God’s speaking, theophanic appearances, etc). … Continue reading

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Strange Fire (Review)

Macarthur, John. Strange Fire. Not surprisingly, there wasn’t a chapter on basic logic in this book. For the review Chapter 1 is simply a string of recycled sermon notes on how silly and evil various brands of charismania are. Okay, but … Continue reading

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Macarthur and Defeaters

These are observations about claims Mac and Co. make.   They are not intended as a point-by-point analysis of Strange Fire.  That will come in due time, Lord willing.  My goal here is to protect John MacArthur’s admitted hero Martyn Lloyd-Jones from … Continue reading

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Cessationist Posts

An Orthodox friend asked me about my position on cessationism.  I told him I had some posts on the other blog, so I will start transferring them here. Whenever I doubt the truth of presuppositional apologetics, I read discussions where … Continue reading

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They shall expel demons (Prince)

Prince, Derek. They Shall Expel Demons.  Chosen Publishers. Derek Prince gives an overview of demonology roughly in the same vein as John Wimber and Charles Kraft. This book is level-headed, practical, and filled with sane advice.  Only in a few places … Continue reading

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Martyn Lloyd-Jones: A Clean Power

The following  is from John Piper’s talk on Martyn Lloyd-Jones, though I had read the works in question long before I had heard the talk. Martin Lloyd-Jones’ Personal Experiences of Unusual Power Lloyd-Jones had enough extraordinary experiences of his own to … Continue reading

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