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Orthodox Bridge’s End of Protestantism

I haven’t dealt with Orthodox Bridge in a while.   But sometimes they come across a decent review or article that deserves outside notice.  Their article highlights a number of weaknesses in the CREC, but does nothing to touch magisterial … Continue reading

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Turretin vs. Doug Wilson on Calling

I do not know if Wilson has since gotten a legitimate calling and ordination from an established church body.  But he explains in his own words.  (I thank Rachel Miller for finding this.  Even though she unfriended me on Facebook … Continue reading

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Serbia contra CREC

Some CREC guys made fun of me because I was pro-Serb back in 2008, simply because I thought that making Kosovo a Muslim mafia/heroin state was a bad idea in the heart of Europe.

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Charlie Daniels and the CREC Scandal

Read this and weep. If you still support Doug Wilson, then repent.  Something about Jesus saying if you cause these little ones to stumble, then go to hell. Charlie Daniels had said that the lowest form of animal life on … Continue reading

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Repost: Against the Neo-Jovinians

Repost, but certain events brought it to mind.  I’ve come across passages in some Canon Press books.  We know that Doug Wilson’s people demean women.  That’s a self-evident truth.  But it’s always jarring to see new evidence to the effect. … Continue reading

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Uncle Denzel vs the CREC

As creepy as this meme is, at least Uncle Denzel tries to obey the law, something Wilson’s people can’t say.

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Ensoulment, the CREC, and abortion

While it might look like I am attacking Botkin, that is certainly not the case.  I strongly applaud her precisioned take-down of Wilson’s theology and pray more posts come. Kate Botkin’s most recent post, while most of it was an … Continue reading

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