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DKG questions: 2 (Precision and Metaphor)

“We should not seek to impose upon church officers a form of creedal subscription intended to be maximally precise.” Again, Scripture’s vagueness disallows ultimate maximum precision and secondarily, it makes unwise to force subscription to a document that implicitly seeks … Continue reading

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Outline of God, Revelation, Authority (vol 5)

By Carl F Henry. The first four volumes dealt with epistemology.  The final two deal with ontology and the doctrine of God. “God who stands” = personal sovereign containing in himself the ground of his own existence. “God who stays” … Continue reading

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Turretin vol 1, Review

Recent (that is, pre-1992 A.D.) Reformed theology can be sadly described as a generation arising “which knew not Turretin.” To paraphrase Galadriel in The Fellowship of the Ring: Some things that should not have been forgotten were lost. Turretin’s categorical … Continue reading

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Review of Dennison on Van Til

Dennison, William.  In Defense of the Eschaton.  Wipf and Stock, 2015. This is a collection of essays dealing with Van Til and Education, with a few other themes thrown in.   Some essays are quite good, particularly the one on … Continue reading

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The Ethics of Belief (Review)

Wolterstorff, Nicholas.  John Locke and the Ethics of Belief.  Cambridge. Locke’s goal is simple: to offer a rational, objective, public account of reason that will heal the warring factions of society.  His method, at least in the broad strokes, is … Continue reading

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Bavinck and the Beginning of Knowledge

This is a modified review of his Prolegomena. Bavinck’s project consists of drawing upon the strengths of the Magisterial Protestants while formulating theology in response to the modernist crisis of his day.  To do so, he realized he could not slavishly … Continue reading

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Meditation on Meditation in a Toolshed

I picked up my old copy of CS Lewis’s God in the Dock and reread “Meditation in a Toolshed.”  He explains the difference between looking at something and looking alongside it.  One sentence caught my eye, You can step outside one experience … Continue reading

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