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Review: Medieval Exegesis, volume 2

Henri de Lubac’s writing style is similar to M Night Shamalyan’s film success: in some works he was wildly successful, in others he just got lucky, and some just failed to deliver.  Volume 2 of Medieval Exegesis is in the … Continue reading

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DKG questions: 2 (Precision and Metaphor)

“We should not seek to impose upon church officers a form of creedal subscription intended to be maximally precise.” Again, Scripture’s vagueness disallows ultimate maximum precision and secondarily, it makes unwise to force subscription to a document that implicitly seeks … Continue reading

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Atheism for Lent

Merold Westphal suggests that the three great “masters of suspicion,” Nietzsche, Marx, and Freud, are actually theologians of original sin, if seen correctly.  I share the same conclusion. http://www.atheismforlent.net/about/ I’m not as thrilled about “contemplative meditation” as this site is, … Continue reading

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Truth and Method (review)

This is one of those great moments where a great student follows his master (Heidegger) yet gives us a new product and not simply a repetition of his master. In short, for Gadamer language is the horizon of being. As … Continue reading

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Notes on Gadamer, 2

Chapter 2: The Ontology of the Work of Art Play: the mode of the being of the work of art itself (106). (Note: When a continental philosopher uses the term “play” he doesn’t mean it in the sense of the … Continue reading

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Notes on Gadamer, 1

From Truth and Method.  Notes on Section 1. Bildung:  the properly human way of developing one’s capacities; culture. reveals a new tacit dimension of man’s existence. Erlebnis: an experience you have; connected with a subject’s knowing Erfahrung: experience as an … Continue reading

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History and Spirit (de Lubac)

“The Law is spiritual.” This one sentence allows Origen to seek “mystical” meanings beyond that of the literal text–and in de Lubac’s hands he does a fairly impressive job. In many ways this work can be seen as a case … Continue reading

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