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You might be a gnostic, if…

You might be Gnostic if you think that full time Christian ministry is superior to Artists who paint landscapes. You might be a Gnostic if you allegorize the parts of Scripture you find embarrassing. You might be Gnostic if you … Continue reading

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On Thomas Harrison (humor)

He had little education except knowledge of the apocalyptic parts of the Bible. His mind worked on no known principles of logic. He glanced at facts only to reject them. He was a dreamer whose business it was to shape … Continue reading

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Serbia contra CREC

Some CREC guys made fun of me because I was pro-Serb back in 2008, simply because I thought that making Kosovo a Muslim mafia/heroin state was a bad idea in the heart of Europe.

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Analytic. Being. May-Mays

From “Crunchy Continental Memes” on Facebook.

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Continental may mays

Just for fun.  These are taken from two facebook groups, Coherent Continental Memes and Crunchy Continental memes.            

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Analytic Memes

Some of these are funny, some are informative.  

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The tin-ear of analytic theology

I’ve mentioned before that analytic theologians are usually on safer grounds confessionally than continental theologians.  Not that the former is superior in and of itself.  Just that these guys don’t as easily embrace the culture of the world. But there … Continue reading

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