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Speak ye not of Calvin

I’ve read through the Institutes 3 times.  It’s good, I guess.  I just don’t really resonate towards Calvin.  And until 1800, that was more or less the impression in the Reformed world.  So why are people so concerned to tag … Continue reading

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On the mediator, some sources

My sources come from an old debate at Lane Keister’s blog.  The main Reformed guy in the debate has since apostasized, so I am not using his name–and in any case, I “internalized” these sources and made them my own … Continue reading

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Review of Frame’s Western Philosophy

This review is dedicated to Kevin Johnson. I won’t give a whole review of each thinker in this book.  I’ve done some of that here. https://patristicevangelism.wordpress.com/category/john-frame-2/ What new material can a survey of Philosophy cover? I was wrong.  Frame’s text … Continue reading

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Frame: Early Modern Thought

This is the densest chapter so far and represents the thrust of the book.  Frame’s text is lighter on early and medieval thought and more weighted towards the modern era.  Not a criticism.  Just an observation. Thesis: The two renaissance … Continue reading

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Torrance: Theology in Reconstruction

Torrance advances the argument that theological knowledge and its communication must make use of the thought-currents and speech in the world. He makes the claim that Homoousion as the basic logical economy which governs theological grammar in accordance with the … Continue reading

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Reading thinkers, not individual books

You will often see it suggested that one is better served by reading the corpus of major thinkers rather than simply individual books.  I think there is some wisdom to that.  So here is my reading list for 2016, Deo … Continue reading

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