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Bahnsen on Shepherd on Justification

This is from his tape set on Calvin’s Institutes.  I think it is tape GB449b. “I think [this] is rather convoluted. Let me very briefly point out, some people will say James can’t mean the word justify in a forensic … Continue reading

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A justification musing

We often say that if you aren’t being accused of antinomianism, then you aren’t preaching justification rightly.  True, but something else struck me:  in Galatians Paul links his doctrine of justification as opposed to the physics of the old creation … Continue reading

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Notes on Thomas Aquinas’s Treatise on grace

Obviously, this is not a full endorsement. Can we know God without grace? The act of the intellect depends upon God in two ways: it has its form by which it acts from God Preparing the human will The preparation … Continue reading

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Outline Thomas Aquinas Treatise on Law

Question 90: Of the essence of law law is a rule and measure of acts The principal and object in practical matters is the last end, beatitude. Question 91: Of the various kinds of law There is an eternal law. … Continue reading

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McCormack on Thomas on Justification

From Bruce McCormack’s essay “What’s at Stake in the Current Debate?” I do not intend this as a “refutation” of Thomas, nor is this McCormack’s larger goal in his essay.  Thomas is simply too powerful a thinker to be refuted … Continue reading

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FV Joint Statement Exposed, part 1

http://www.federal-vision.com/resources/joint_FV_Statement.pdf Our Triune God We affirm that the triune God is the archetype of all covenantal relations. The problem with this is archetypal theology is specifically not communicable to ectypal theology. As the Waters Cover the Sea This section is fine, but … Continue reading

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Harvest of Medieval Theology

Narrowly speaking, this is a work on the theology of Gabriel Biel. As it is, one must be careful extrapolating Biel’s thought onto the canvas of late medieval theology. On the other hand, Oberman conclusively argues that Biel’s nominalism is … Continue reading

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