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Union and Distinction in Maximus (Review)

Melchisidec Toronen gives us a useful snapshot and handbook for Maximus the Confessor. While the back has some drawbacks, it is clear and to the point (almost to a fault). Toronen gives a lucid summary of his own argument: “The … Continue reading

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Notes on person and will

The Two Energies of Christ Person operates by will. Will is a property of nature and energy is operation proper to that nature. So in Christ Incarnate there are two will and two operations proper to each nature, but the divine … Continue reading

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Metaphysics of Symbol

Hans urs von Balthasar suggested that Letter is to be transformed into Spirit.  This isn’t necessarily a spirit-matter dualism (which I don’t think existed before the fall), though that is certainly true post-fall.  Man before the Fall saw the connection … Continue reading

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A florilegium of Maximus

Just some of my favorite quotes from Maximus the Confessor: “The Confessor reworks the categories of time, extension, and aeonic existence in an effort to describe an indescribable state. This moving rest presupposes a kind of extension (diastema) that is beyond time … Continue reading

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Maximus’s Epistemology

I read von Balthasar’s treatise on Maximus the Confessor in 2009.  I am going back over some notes.  The following is a summary from von Balthasar and my playing around on MS Paint.  Thanks to K. Johnson for finding Patrologia … Continue reading

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