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Frame, Review: Doctrine of the Word of God

A fitting end to a fine series. This isn’t Frame’s best work ever (that would either be DG or DCL) but it is good and there are legitimate reasons for this volume’s limitations. Frame wanted to get his book on … Continue reading

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Can cessationist pray Eph. 1:17?

Paul writes, “That God would give you a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him.” What does “revelation” mean?  The bible lists several types: Natural revelation (creation, logic, science, etc). Special revelation (God’s speaking, theophanic appearances, etc). … Continue reading

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Some notes on Apocrypha?

The question that often comes up in question’s on the Apocrypha as Scripture or related to it: (1) Is the Apocrypha inspired/part of the Bible? The church’s witness in history isn’t entirely clear.  Augustine and others use the Wisdom of … Continue reading

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T. F. Torrance (Intellectual Biography)

This book is divided into two parts: a brief treatment of Torrance’s life and an examination of his thought. His parents were missionaries to China and fostered a deep piety and evangelistic zeal in the young Torrance. Torrance grew up … Continue reading

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About that Owen quote on private revelations

One of John Owen’s quotes is being memed on Facebook to the effect, “If private revelations agree with Scripture, they are unnecessary and if they disagree they are false.” What do continuationists such as myself make of this quote?  Has … Continue reading

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Averky on the Apocalypse

Averky saw our age as Age of Apostasy, as “the final preparation for the ‘man of sin’” (Rose 19). Basic Hermeneutical Principles (these are from Rose, not Averky) “As history proceeds to the end, the meaning of some of these … Continue reading

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Notes on Andrew of Caesarea

St Andrew of Caesarea’s commentary on the Apocalypse is the first substantial Eastern reflection on the Apocalypse as a whole.  Earlier saints like Methodios and Cyril of Jerusalem gave pointed exhortations, and Andrew is in line with their conclusions.   … Continue reading

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