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Harvest of Medieval Theology

Narrowly speaking, this is a work on the theology of Gabriel Biel. As it is, one must be careful extrapolating Biel’s thought onto the canvas of late medieval theology. On the other hand, Oberman conclusively argues that Biel’s nominalism is … Continue reading

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Dooyeweerd and Thomism, some notes

This is from the first 28 pages of New Critique of Theoretical Thought vol 3. Critique of Thomist metaphysics Substance: possessing a permanence unaffected by change (Dooyeweerd 4). Our experience of the identity of a thing is always temporal. Dooyeweerd claims … Continue reading

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Prima Facie reservations on Thomism

Reasons why I won’t commit to Thomism.  And why a “Reformed Thomism” is an uneasy alliance. Does Thomas hold to Aristotle’s view that two contrary principles can’t coexist?  Would this rule out the Incarnation? Thomas’s view of habitus is incompatible with the … Continue reading

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A Franciscan Counter to Thomism

This is not a rebuttal or refutation of Thomism.  It is a medieval alternative. I will offer my problems with Thomism in another post. From the O’Donovan’s From Irenaeus to Grotius: A Sourcebook in Chritian Political Thought. Notes on Bonaventura.  This … Continue reading

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But I’m not a Thomist

I’ll try to make clear where I stand on Aquinas and Thomism.  I consider myself in “general conversation” with the Thomist tradition.  I find Thomas remarkably clear on the doctrine of God, quite profound on Christology, and very tantalizing in … Continue reading

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Free Norman Geisler Seminary Course

Responses to Evangelical Exodus.

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