Defeating Jihad (review)

Dr T outlines the current plight of the West. He makes the argument that the post-Christian West, lacking a moral center, cannot withstand the onslaught of Islam. Unfortunately, the enemy today is not like the bane of Charles Martel. Our current enemy is invading the West by means of immigration, which our gutless politicians lack the spine to stop.
After immigrating they then implement the worst aspects of Islamic culture: Sharia law. They cannot help but do this. There is no such thing as moderate Islam. Islam divides the world into two houses: The House of Islam and the House of War.

Dr T shows how Western foreign policy in the Balkans destroyed a (historic, if not functional)Christian civilization (Serbia) and made Kosovo a channel for sex trafficking and drugs. T also hinted that Putin’s Russia will be the last stand against Islam. Read in conjunction with Robert Spencer’s *Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam,*

10 thoughts on “Defeating Jihad (review)

    1. Depends. If by “Shariah” you mean something like that Saudi court system, then most Islamic countries won’t have Shariah law. But all Islamic countries (except Azeribaijan) acknowledge Shariah as a major source.


      1. I’m glad you mentioned Azerbaijan as an exception, but there are rather more than that- Burkina Faso, Senegal, Chad, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Niger, Turkey, Northern Cyprus, Kosovo. I leave it up to you whether you include Bosnia and Albania.

        In general, I find that those making the argument Muslims=Sharia have absolutely no awareness of these countries.


      2. Most of the countries you’ve mentioned are on the periphery of the Islamic world. Albania is too poor to even have a court system, I would imagine. Kosovo is a mafia state and therein lies the judicial system.


  1. Indeed, they are on the periphery of the Islamic world. Might one also reasonably argue that Islamic migrants in the West are also on the periphery of the Islamic world?

    All those countries have differing cultural reasons for not accepting Sharia as a legal system- Communist secularism in Azerbaijan, nationalistic secularism in Turkey, French colonial influence in Senegal and religious diversity in sub-Saharan African Muslim countries and in Bosnia and Albania. I would suggest that the west has its own cultural context that would resist Sharia.


    1. Honestly, Islam is just too complex to reify into some Salafi, hyper-literal interpretation.

      Islam in sub-Saharran Africa is rather distinctly syncretic, similarly in Central Asia. Even look at how Saudi princes live like little Western Rothschilds and other merchant-elite. Wikileaks revealed how decadent the royalty of Saud really are, with orgies, prostitutes, and endless flow of drugs and alcohol.

      Really, what’s interesting is how this Jihadist Islam on the rise is directly connected to the neo-Imperialism vis. Global Capitalism and the Market-State (ala. Bobbitt). Hell, the Taliban learned from the US how to overcome the sympathetic, secular regime of Afghanistan and institute some Pashtun fundamentalist Islam. They did so through the Poppy Fields, combining drug-lord, war-lord, tribal chieftain, and imam into Taliban patriarch.

      Jihad is the USA’s terror policies throughout the 20th century coming home to roost. Baathist, pan-Arbic unions were quashed as “Communist”, so we get the next wave that is as ideologically committed to terror as the US. The CIA created the Ayatollah and bin Ladin, and Jihadists have created Donald Trump and the insanity of Obergefell-Casino Capitalism.

      2 cents,


    2. Yes, but it’s a useful political ploy to distract and create scapegoats for national angst. Fear of the “radical Jihadists” in Dearborn, Michigan is easy to mask the insanity at root in the American Century’s systemic destabilization of the world. Like in Gaza, Palestinians who want to live their lives in peace have little choice. Be oppressed by Israelis, or join Hamas in order to have a chance. Radicalizing the rhetoric only makes people have obscene choices: death or death.

      American Muslims, becoming more and more social outcasts, will feel groups like ISIS will give them a sense of dignity. People trying to create “Abrahamic Faith” coalitions are theologically in error, but are trying to save a means for Muslims to integrate. They’re wrong, and delusional, but one can appreciate the effort. The polarization of public discourse will only make things worse.


      1. In this post I simply review Trifkovic’s own arguments and his conclusions. My own understanding of Islamic groups is different. I have not advanced my own views in this post.


  2. I figured that, I was commenting on Matt’s comment and adding my own thoughts. I figured out how you’re reviewing these books now, so it’s not directed at you.


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